Welcome to the accelerated computing website and blog. The site has been setup as a community driven blog to highlight events and interest pieces relating to accelerated and many-core computing.

You can contribute to the blog by cloning the website from github and adding new content tot he _posts directory. Either HTML or markdown content is supported. You can test you content locally by installing Jekyll and using the jekyll serve command.

Ensure that you follow the naming conventions for blog posts. i.e. YYYY-MM-DD-name-of-post.ext. Add tags to your content so that it can be filtered. Use the following common tags.

  • open-call: Open call for paper or other content submissions for conferences, journals and workshops.
  • training: Announcements of training courses. Be sure to link to sign-up pages.
  • dev: Interesting features regarding code development
  • sys: Features on software installs and system administration relating to GPu computing and associated software libraries.