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How to add your institution

How to add your institution

First of all check that your institution is not already listed. If it is consider editing your institutions page to add new information.

Assuming your institution is not listed then you can add it by cloning the github repository and modifying the sites json $institutions.json$ file in the site ./_data folder. Add you institution name, a image of your university logo (either located in the sites ./static/img folder or a url to an image on the web) and a url (see next item).

Your institution URL should ideally link to a page on the accelerated computing site. Institution web pages should be placed in the ./institutions directory. You should copy an existing institutions markdown file which uses the page type layout. The permalink address in the page header is the link you should specify in the institutions.json url attribute.

Commit your changes locally and submit a pull request so that your content can be merged with the rest of the site.

Alternatively use the contact page to request that we add your institutions details for you.